TISStory 75 Years Of Response to Disasters

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Reconstructing Lives - A Community Centred Response to Disasters (15:38 mins, English, 2012)

A Commitment to Reach Out - 75 Years of Response To Disasters

TISS has always reached out to support people affected by natural and human-made crisis. In 1947, the Institute sent a faculty and student team to Kurukshetra to work with refugees who came from Pakistan after the Partition. Since then, TISS has responded to various crises such as floods, riots, cyclones in different parts of the country.

Areas of Intervention

  • Relief management
  • Psychosocial support
  • Assessment of loss and impact
  • Rehabilitation and development needs
  • Mobilization of human resources for relief and rehabilitation work
  • Facilitating community participation in rehabilitation
  • Policy and programme development support to government and NGOs
  • Coordination of civil society participation
  • Training and capacity-building of personnel engaged in relief and rehabilitation
  • Publication and documentation
  • Conflict resolution and peace building initiatives

TISS in Action Across India Some disasters where TISS has participated in relief and rehabilitation work.

Nehru at TISS, Deonar (1954) on TISS’ intervention in partition relief work
"We found the difference in their work and the work of many others who were earnest and had done their best, but who did not have the training to do it well. There was the difference between the trained workers and the merely enthusiastic workers."
Evert Berger ,Special Representative, UN relief and Rechabilitation Administrations, on TISS partition relief work, February, 1948
"I want to send you a few lines to record my admiration of a contribution which the TISS has made to the solution of the refugee problem... I shall not easliy forget the hours that I was priviledged to spend with your students at they were doing at Kurushektra, their initiative, keeness a ns powers of organsation. they knew what they were doing, what wanted to be a done and how to do it."