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Such an Eventful Journey - Tata Institute of Social Sciences (19:38 mins, English, 2012)


Succeeded Dr. Clifford Manshardt as Director of the School of Social Work. A scholar with an M.S and Ph.D. from Harvard and Columbia University, he was later an elected member of the Rajya Sabha.

PROF. A. R. Wadia
PROF. A. R. Wadia

An educationist-philanthropist, he was the Director for nine years. Later, a recipient of the Padma Bhusan, he served as a Rajya Sabha member for twelve years.

What others had to say about Prof. A. R. Wadia

"Professor Wadia was our director and he was the old stiff upper lipped British type. But he was a very kind person when you came closer to him. He would invite us for tea."
Prof. Armaity Desai

Interview: Prof. M.S.Gore, Aug 2010

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Prof. M. S. GORE

The Director for 20 years, he was responsible for the development of social science research and consolidation of TISS as a deemed University.

What others had to say about Prof. M.S. Gore

"He used to let you disagree with him in the class quite happily. He would allow for it. And he would have this little smile on his face when you showed resistance or you didn't agree or you argued with him . He would let you argue your case. So these are the teachers who showed you in many ways that dissent is acceptable, critique is acceptable, that you are equal in classroom."
Ms. Anjali Dave
“I think this kind of teaching that one was able to do would have been very difficult without a director like Dr Gore. His personality, his perceptions, they were so sharp. His ability to take people together, along together.I think a good director nurtures newness nurtures creativeness very unobstrusively and it was the same with discipline.”
Prof. Suma Chitnis
DR. Behram H. Mehta
DR. Behram H. Mehta

A popular and unconventional teacher, he taught Community Organisation and Public Welfare Administration. He took the students to Kurukshetra for post-Partition relief work.

What others had to say about Dr. Behram H. Mehta

"Dynamic giant! I used to call him dynamic giant. Dr. Mehta was never prepared with his lectures. He would come, he would speak, and he would give the best lecture."
Miss Freny Gandhi (Class of 47-49)
Prof. Gauri Rani Banerji
Prof. Gauri Rani Banerji

The first Head of the Department of Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, with an M.A from Chicago and D. Phil from Allahabad.

What others had to say about Prof. Gauri Rani Banerji

"One thing I have learnt from Dr. Banerji, she used to say look, when you see a big church it is not built overnight, many generations have taken part in it. So when you are doing something be committed to your own judgements and don't get drawn by somebody else's work. You must decide for yourself, and certainly next generation will benefit with your efforts you see. Because whatever good you see abroad, somebody has created it, somebody's efforts have gone in it, thats why they are better. So why can't we also make things better for our society, for our students..."
Prof. Meenakshi Apte
Prof. N. F. Kaikobad
Prof. N. F. Kaikobad

A teacher of Community Organisation, he was the first Head of the Department of Urban and Rural Welfare.

Prof. J. J. Panakal
Prof. J. J. Panakal

The first Head of the Department of Criminology and Correctional Administration, he studied criminology in US and was one of the first Indian criminologists. He was responsible for greening of the Deonar campus.

What others had to say about Prof. J. J. Panakal

"Professor Panakal who was such a lover of trees, he used to really look after them. Any exotic or unusual trees he used to... wherever he went he would bring them here."
Dr. Shubhada Maitra
Prof. L. S. Kudchedkar
Prof. L. S. Kudchedkar

A teacher of Personnel Management who studied at Oxford University.

Prof. M. V. Moorthy
Prof. M. V. Moorthy

He taught Personnel Management & Industrial Relations and later headed the Department. He had a Ph.D from Bombay University.

What others had to say about Prof. M. V. Moorthy

"I remember in those days Dr Moorthy had bought a car. It was a second hand or third hand car, and was forever breaking down. So we were warned by our seniors and in turn we informed our juniors, "When Moorthi is leaving the Institute, just vanish because he warmly invites you to come and take a lift with him, and you find yourself pushing his car."
Ms Zakia Pathak