TISStory 75 Years Of Field Action

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Innovation in Praxis (23:34 mins, English, 2012)

A Commitment to Reach Out - 75 Years of Field Action

Field Action Projects were envisioned as providing field work opportunities for students, creating new knowledge for social work and as demonstration projects for new areas of intervention.

Some pioneering projects:


Child and Adolescent Guidance

The Institute's first Field Action Project was the Child Guidance Clinic (CGC) launched in 1937. It continues today under the name Muskaan: Centre for Child and Adolescent Guidance.
Child Guidance Clinic Child Guidance Clinic Child Guidance Clinic

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Special Cell

Violence against Women and Children

Tackles violence against women and children by working with the police and in police stations.
Special Cell Special Cell Special Cell

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The Integrated
Rural Health and
Development Project

Rural Develpment

Located in Aghai about 100 kms from Mumbai, in the tribal belt, works with the local population on health and development related.
The Integrated Rural Health and Development Project The Integrated Rural Health and Development Project The Integrated Rural Health and Development Project

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Rights of Undertrial Prisoners

Prayas was established in 1990 to demonstrate the need for social work intervention in the criminal justice system such as police stations, prisons, courts and institutions for women, and the necessity of rehabilitating those within the system.

Helpline for Children

India's first telephone helpline for street children, started as a field action project of TISS. It is now an independent nation-wide initiative.
“Childline is an example of the fact that social work practice skills do work. It started as an FAP and today, in 51 cities we have ensured permanent government funding by instituting it as a scheme of the Ministry/ Government of India. We have ensured that the necessary changes have been made in the Juvenile Justice Act. All this was possible because the seeds were sown in the thinking process in TISS – formulation of strategy, thinking macro and integrating theory into practice”.
Jeroo Billimoria on Childline
Humanity United
in M-Ward

Human Rights

HUM strives to bridge the gap between the disparities of varied populations in the Ward. The project aims to create a Human Rights sensitive M-Ward.

Child Rights and Abuse

Works with issues of child rights and child abuse in Government children's homes.
Navchetana Navchetana Navchetana

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Homeless & Social Construction

Works with issues of homelessness and social construction of crime, deviance and beggary.
Koshish Koshish Koshish

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Global Fund for HIV/
AIDS, Tuberculosis
and Malaria

Fighting Infectious Diseases

Is a macro endeavour in training and capacity building of professionals so as to make significant changes in development indicators and discourse.

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