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Such an Eventful Journey - Tata Institute of Social Sciences (19:38 mins, English, 2012)

Early Conceptions of Social Work Education

The early faculty at TISS, especially Dr. Clifford Manshardt and Prof. Kumarappa, wrote extensively on issues that needed a specialized social work approach, such as work with children, those involved in crime, changing labour laws etc. The themes of their writings proved to be the foundations for various social work specializations that started several years later.


Diploma in Social Service Administration awarded to the first batch of 20 students. The first degree of its kind in South Asia.

Social Service Administration

TISS becomes a Deemed University. The Diploma in Social Service Administration becomes a Master's in Social Work.

Deemed University Certificates

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In response to the increasingly complex and specialised needs of the industry, the social work specialisation in Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations develops into an independent Master's Degree programme in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations.

Social Work Specialisations at TISS

For the first time, evening programmes are initiated with two certificate programmes: in Hospital Administration and in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. These programmes later develop into Diploma Programmes.


Master's degree programmes in Health Administration and in Hospital Administration are initiated.


The Bachelor's Degree programme in Social Work commences at the Institute's Rural Campus in Tuljapur.

Campus in Tuljapur Campus in Tuljapur

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Diploma programmes in Sustainable Development commence in Ladakh and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.


A landmark year for TISS - academic restructuring of existing Departments and Units into 5 Schools and 4 Independent Centres. Two new M.A. programmes: Development Studies and Education (Elementary).

The M.A. in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations is renamed M.A. in Human Resources Management and Labour Relations, with significant changes in its curriculum. The M.A. in Social Work and the M.H.A. programmes also revamp their curriculum. A revamped integrated M.Phil-Ph.D programme is introduced.


Three new Master's Degree programmes are initiated: Disaster Management, Globalisation and Labour, and Social Entrepreneurship. Two new Diploma programmes are initiated: Media and Cultural Studies, and Psychosocial Care and Support in Disaster Management.


Three Master' Degree programmes Disability Studies and Action, Media and Cultural Studies, and Public Health and one Diploma programme in Gerontology are initiated.


Three Master's Degree Programmes- Habitat Policy and Practice, Women's Studies and Counselling and two short term programmes in Community Organisation and Development Practice and in Rehabilitation Counselling are initiated.