TISStory The Dream Turns Silver And Grows

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TISS shifts to the Deonar Campus.

A large space on the outskirts of the city, its architecture an unusual blend of the indigeneous and the modern designed by the noted architect Durga Bajpai.

TISS shifts to the Deonar Campus

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Deonar Campus post 2005.
TISS shifts to the Deonar Campus TISS shifts to the Deonar Campus

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Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru presides over the Silver Jubilee celebrations
Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru

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“The moment I arrived here, I was pleased by the external appearance of these buildings. It is attractive, it is unusual as it seems to fit in with the type of work it is meant to do. Just as home is not merely a house, it has to be a home to be lived in - not merely few walls and rooms and stereotyped furniture. A home must have a personality of its own. I am happy to be at this institute and i do hope it will grow and prosper and do a lot of good work.”
Jawaharlal Nehru, Deonar campus inauguration
Prof. M.S. Gore, as Director, focuses on developing social sciences research and introduces research units.
Prof. M.S. Gore

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"Dr. Gore felt that every field of social work should have its own body of research done in India, and that was a very exciting climate to be in...It worked in the sense that this institution is probably the only institution in the country, that has done applicable research, or assessments of applications, assessments of efforts, development efforts and so on, on the scale that I don't think anybody else has done it in the country."
Suma Chitnis
TISS becomes a Deemed University. The Diploma in Social Service Administration (Dip. SSA) becomes an M.A. in Social Work.
TISS becomes a Deemed University

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The Social work specialisation in Labour Welfare & Industrial Relations develops into an independent M.A. in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations.
The first unit for Child and Youth research, begins work with support from the UNICEF. Subsequently, several other research units are set up in relevant areas, between 1970 and 1984.