TISStory Archives

TISStory is a Platinum Jubilee initiative of the School of Media and Cultural Studies of TISS, which has created an audio-visual archive that documents the course of TISS history over the past seven decades and marks its contribution to society in various fields.

This extensive video and web archive contains 55 in-depth transcribed video interviews of alumni, staff and faculty of the Institute, photographs collected over the years, archival newspaper clippings and letters from alumni to the Institute. This endeavor has resulted in the creation of a permanent exhibition, a calendar, a website as well as a series of five films, all of which will come together through this archive.



These photographs, spanning the last 75 years of the Institute's history, provide an insight not only into the momentous occasions that shaped its course, but into its everyday life, its open spaces, its students and faculty, its laughter and joy and memories, that really make a place what it is.



From Clifford Manshardt's writings on the need to train social workers in India, to announcements in national papers of the birth of the Sir Dorabji Tata Graduate School of Social Work, to a copy of the first convocation invite, to the first writings on the need for Field Action- These documents are a way into understanding the contribution of the Institute to society as well as its public image over the decades.



The 'TISStory' package of five films attempts to document the history of TISS over seventy five years and its most significant contributions to society. Be it in the field of social work education, social sciences research,interventions at time of disasters, field action projects or the student life on campus, the films bear testimony to all that is quintessentially TISS, and all that has been accomplished over seventy five years to make the institution what it is today.

Tisstory - Glimpses Through Our Archives
8:30 mins, English, 2012

Introduces the TISStory archive and showcases glimpses from various interviews and archival material, to evoke the sense of a shared history that has continually responded to social realities.

Such an Eventful Journey - Tata Institute of Social Sciences
19:38 mins, English, 2012

Traces the remarkable 75 year old journey of the Institute from its inception in 1936 to its status in 2011. It maps this history through conversations with key figures who bear testimony to the major contribution of TISS to the fields of professional social work and human service education, social sciences research and allied fields over the years.

Reconstructing Lives - A Community Centred Response to Disasters
15:38 mins, English, 2012

From the time of the Partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947, TISS has been actively involved in disaster relief and rehabilitation work in the country. This film documents the engagement of the Institute during times of national crises and reflects on learnings from the field. It provides an overview of the contributions of TISS to disaster management research, training, education and policy.

Innovations in Praxis - Field Action Projects
23:34 mins, English, 2012

Field Action Projects are one of the most unique contributions of TISS to social work practice and education in the country. The film documents the work of various field action projects in the areas of human rights, women, children, health, education, criminology and criminal justice, among others.

At TISS - Campus Life Through the Years
15:16 mins, English, 2011

A look at what it means to belong to TISS and a trip down memory lane with some of the most senior alumni of the Institute, reminiscing about their experiences of campus life at the Nagpada, Andheri and Deonar campuses.

2 DVD set of the films is available for distribution @ a price of Rs. 300 (including courier charges within India). For orders, please contact: sales.cmcs@tiss.edu

Oral Histories


Nothing bears testimony to the life and times of an institute like the stories and experiences of the people who helped make it what it is. Over the Platinum Jubilee year the team at the School of Media & Cultural Studies has conducted over sixty in-depth interviews of illustrious alumni, staff and faculty of TISS spanning the last seven decades. These oral histories serve as a valuable resource to researchers and others interested in the history of social work/ social sciences research in India. They help map the contribution of TISS to the social sector over the years and facilitate an understanding of how TISS has constantly responded to emerging challenges, dynamically reinventing itself in the process.

  Prof. Madhav S. Gore Student / Director 1943-45
Class of 1943-1945, Director, students, Dr. Behram Mehta, Library, Nagpada Neighborhood House, specialisations, indigenising social work, UGC, research unit, child welfare, social sciences, interdisciplinarity, deemed University, social work
  Ms. Freny Gandhi Student 1947-49 Class of 1947-49, Byculla, Dr. Banerjee, Dr. Behram Mehta, Kurukshetra, refugees, Partition, Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, family and child welfare, Indian social work
  Dr. S.D. Gokhale Student 1947-49 Class of 1947-49, indigenising social work, field work, Nagpada Neighborhood House, Kurukshetra, child guidance clinic, guinea pig batch
  Dr. S. A. Srinivasa Murthy Student 1949-51 Class of 1949-51, Andheri campus, Personnel Management and Labour Welfare, Dr. Bhoota , Nagpada, Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Masani, Gauri Banerjee, Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Dr. Borges, field work, Umarkhadi remand home, Mukund Iron and Steel Works, Dr. Mehta, Students' Union, Nagpada Neighbourhood House, Versova hostel, cultural programmes, Andheri mess, shift from Personnel Management to HR
  Mr. V. K. Calla Student 1950-52 Class of 1950-52, Nagpada Neighbourhood house, Andheri campus, Library, field work, Dr. Kumarappa, Dr. Behram Mehta, Dr. Murthy, Dr. Kaikobad, Miss Banerjee, Mrs. Roosevelt, Dr. Reckless
  Mrs. Nirmala U. Madan Student 1950-52 Class of 1950-52, Andheri campus, Dr.Gauri Rani Banerjee, field work, child guidance clinic, Dr. Kumarappa, Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Bhoota, Dr. Kaikobad, Hindustan Mills, Dr. Behram Mehta, untouchability, IES
  Mrs. Zakia Pathak Student 1951-53 Class of 1951-53, Secretary, Indian Council of Social Work, Publication Officer in the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, fieldwork, relevance of Social Work to life, English Literature
  Mrs. Jayanti Patnaik Student 1955-57 Class of 1955-57, Campus, Chembur, social work, women, child welfare, alma mater
  Mr. Raja Ram Student 1951-53 Class of 1951-53, Mrs. Anjali Dasgupta, Mrs. Zaveri, Dr. Wadia, Dr. Prabhu, Dr. Vasudev Murthy, Chembur, campus life, field work, textile mill, Nargis, consultancy
  Prof. Shankar Pathak Student 1953-55 Class of 1953-55, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Dr. Banerjee, field work, Nagpada Neighborhood, Andheri, bus service, R K studio, Deonar campus
  Prof. Armaity S. Desai Student / Director 1954-56
Class of 1954-56, Director, field work, campus, teachers (Behram Mehta, Kaikobad, Lorenzo, Wadia, Banerjee), case work, group work, community organisation, integrated social work practice, gender, social work education, indigenising social work, social sciences, specialisations, milestones, contributions, Rural Campus, Field Action Projects, Family Service Centre, Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work, University Grants Commission, higher education
  Ms. Gool Plumber Student 1954-56 Class of 1954-56, Maharashtra State Women’s Council, clinical work with children, developmental delays in children, cerebral palsy in children, early detection, support and guidance for parents of children
  Mrs. Sindhu R. Panakal Student / Faculty 1956-58
Class of 1956-58, Deonar Campus, Prof. M.V. Murthy, Dr. Banerjee, Dr. Behram Mehta, Dr. Lorenzo, field work supervisor, Dr. Punekar, Mr. Kuchedkar, Dr. Pal, field work, coal field, study tour, coal mine, trade unions, textile industries
  Mr. L.B. Momin Staff 1962-99 1962, BEST job, driver, campus, Kurla, Dr. Gore, Dr. Armaity Desai, Chawl, Namdev, Pathak, Mustafa, Dr. Parasuraman
  Prof. K.G. Desai Faculty 1963-93 1963, Personnel Management, shift from Welfare to Industrial Relations, Human Resource, Dr. Punekar, research, Prof. Gore
  Prof. Suma Chitnis Faculty 1970-93 Sociology of Education, Research units, interdisciplinary research, social science and social work, administration, research on SC/STs, literature, field reality.
  Prof. Meenakshi Apte Student / Faculty 1965-67
Class of 1965-67, Family and child welfare, Prof. Gore, lack of fieldwork agencies, field action projects, Family Court, Special Cell, curriculum
  Mr. KV George Staff 1965-2001 1965, Stenographer, Prof. Ramachandran, Dr. Gore, Dr. Suma Chitnis, Dr. Punekar, IIPS, Dr. Wadia, team work, project work, Ms. Mathew, Prof. Panakal, Beggars home, children’s home, field work forum, Dr. Armaity Desai, Dr. Partha Mukherjee
  Prof. Katy Gandevia Student / Faculty 1968-70
Class of 1968-70, campus, Dr. Banerjee, Dr. Gore, field work, social work profession, specialisation, students, Ms. Mathew, rehabilitation work, psycho-social intervention, counselling practice
  Prof. Lina Kashyap Student / Faculty / Deputy Director 1969-71
Class of 1969-71, Mrs. Kaikobad, Mrs. Manu Desai, Mrs. Apte, Dr Gauri Banerjee, Professor Panakal, Dr Gore, fieldwork, Banganga, Bapnugarh, Mrs. Baker, Miss Matthew, Miss Mandakini Khandekar, Disability Studies, field action projects, child guidance clinic
  Prof. Vimla Nadkarni Student / Faculty 1969-71
Class of 1969-71, Dr. Gauri Banerjee, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Mary Lobo, Miss Mathew, Dr. Parasuraman, Dr. Armaity Desai , social work and social activism, clinical model and community health, Aghai project, social work in rural and tribal areas, disaster interventions, conflict, field action projects, empowerment, health and development
  Mr. Pradip Prabhu Student / Faculty 1970-72
Class of 1970-72, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, trade unions, Students' Union, placements, fieldwork, solidarity, Kashtakari Sanghatana, Tuljapur, Rural Campus
  Dr. Purnima Mane MA Student / Ph.D / Faculty 1971-73
Class of 1971-73, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Child Guidance Clinic, Prof. Gore, Dr. Gauri Rani Banerjee, Prof. Grace Mathew, Prof. Ramachandran, research methodology, theory and practice, field work, theatre, campus life, breaking rules, student welfare, M.Phil, Ph.D., HIV/AIDS, Programme and policy implications of research, indigenising social work, Field Action Projects, Prof. Armaity Desai, clinical model, community health model, global health model, social development
  Prof. Nasreen Rustomfram Student / Faculty 1974-76
Class of 1974-76, URCD, field work, challenges, extra-mural studies, HUM, M Ward
  Prof. CAK Yesudian Ph. D Student / Faculty 1975-78
Ph.D programme, Unit for Urban Studies, Unit for Extra Mural Studies, Dr. Gore, Prof. Mathew, Dr. Armaity Desai, certificate course in Hospital Administration, Ford Foundation, Masters in Hospital Administration and Health Administration, School of Health Systems Studies, London School of Economics, collaboration, Alma Ata Declaration, community health, M.Ph in Social Epidemiology, M. Ph in Health Policy, Economics and Finance
  Prof. R. K. Hebsur Faculty 1977-95 1977, Research Methodology, intellectual thinking, M.Phil/PhD, ICSSR, Prof. Ramachandran, kinds of research, Srikrishna Commission, development of theory, student teacher relationship, Dr. Gore
  Prof. R. N. Sharma Faculty 1978-2012 1978, M. S. Gore, research, projects, main themes, research units, social justice, resources, civil society, struggles, World Bank, Tuljapur campus, linkage between social work and social sciences, Development Studies, campus, drama, Dr. Armaity Desai, Institute song
  Prof. Vidya Rao Faculty 1979-2011 1979, Prof. Gopalan, Department of Social Welfare Administration, social policy, Disaster Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, social welfare, IAS officers training, Rights based approach, field action projects, neglected children, Ulhasnagar, juvenile justice act 1986, Navchetana, Ashram shalas, institutionalised children, child abuse, Koshish, homeless people, Management of non-profit organisations, social justice
  Mr. N. R. Palve Staff 1974-99 1974, Campus, J. J. Panakal, gardening, decoration, Jackfruit, Deonar, Dr. Gore, Dr.Armaity Desai, Prof. Ramchandran, Prof. K. G. Desai, Prof. Kuchedkar, Prof. Kaikobad
  Mr. Mukund Sawant Staff 1979-Present 1979, Trikaya, camera, lens, Audio visual unit, slides, cassettes, Prof. Vijay Tendulkar, Pravin Patkar, Medha Patkar, Prof. Panwalkar, Prakash Amte, Baba Amte, Dharavi slums, Mhaisal project, convocation, Dr. Gore, Calligraphy, Prof, Anjali Monteiro, Prof. K. P. Jayasankar, Media, Dr. Armaity Desai, Dr. Behram Mehta, exhibitions, documentary, Cut.in film festival
  Prof. Surinder KP Jaswal Student / Faculty 1980-82
Class of 1980-82, student body, Prof. Grace Mathew, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, placements, disaster, Jambulpada, URCD, psycho-social aspects of disaster, mental health, Kutch Earthquake, Mumbai voices, expansion, field action project, Thane health project, social justice
  Dr. Shubhada Maitra Student / Faculty 1980-82
Class of 1980-82, Medical and psychiatric social work, anecdotes, Suma Chitnis, field work, Child Guidance Clinic, Muskaan, challenges, way forward, campus
  Ms. Anjali Dave Student / Faculty 1980-82
Class of 1980-82, teachers (Prof. Apte, Prof. Suma Chitnis, Prof. Gokarn, Dr. Gore), campus life, hostel, Family and Child Welfare, Special Cell, violence against women, social work education, Field Action Projects, research, Women Centred Social Work.
  Mr. Samir Ghosh Student 1981-83 London School of Economics, UNDP, Rural Development, disability studies, inclusiveness, equal opportunity policy
  Prof. S. Parasuraman Faculty / Director 1981
1981, Director, Unit for Child and Youth Research, Prof. Gore, Sardar Sarovar Project, data belongs to people, activist institution, restructuring, responding to disaster, post-tsunami intervention, India Disasters Report, social justice, higher education, inclusive development
  Dr. Shobha Kapoor Student 1982-84 Class of 1982-84, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Grace Mathew, fieldwork experience, challenges in the field, specialisations, link theory with practice, social capital
  Dr. Bela Bhatia Student / Visiting Faculty 1983-85
Class of 1983-84, Family and child welfare, campus, Prof. S. Parasuraman, field work, slum, tribal welfare, Bhopal tragedy, Setu, Shramjivi Samaj land struggle, Agriculture cooperative society, Community organization, social movements, tribal issues, marginal farmers, Naxalite movement, research.
  Ms. Laxmi Murthy Student 1983-85 Class of 1983-84, campus life, Bhopal gas tragedy, field work, relief work, Shodhane group, Sheela Patel, Prof Hebsur, activist, journalist, NGOs
  Prof. Anjali Monteiro Faculty 1983-Present 1983, Audio Visual Unit, Vijay Tendulkar, Unit for Media and Communications, Restructuring, Centre for Media and Cultural Studies, theory and practice, documentary film, shifts within the institution, anecdotes, future
  Prof. Lata Narayan Faculty 1984-Present 1984, research unit, expansion, field action project, Jambulpada floods, HUM, extension work, outreach, higher education system
  Prof. G. G. Wankhede Faculty 1984-Present 1984, SC-ST Cell, OBCs, Scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, campus, liason officer, pre admission coaching, Book bank, scholarship, reservations, financial aid
  Dr. Ramesh Jare Student / Staff / Faculty 1985-87
Class of 1985-87, student, Latur earthquake, Sardar Sarovar project, rehabilitation, disasters, Tuljapur, Tuljapur campus, self help groups, watershed management, BSW course, Dr. Armaity Desai, rural development
  Prof. Janki Andharia Student / Faculty 1981-83
Class of 1981-83, disaster relief, rehabilitation, students' involvement, strategies, challenges in the field, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Jamsetji Tata Centre for Disaster Management
  Prof. K. P. Jayasankar Faculty 1986-Present Golden Jubilee, Audio Visual Unit, students, teaching communications, Dr. Armaity Desai, Dr. Gore, Prof. Panakal, Unit for Media and Communications, documentation, Centre for Media and Cultural Studies, anecdotes, intellectual freedom, campus life, future, education beyond markets
  Prof. Lakshmi Lingam Faculty 1988-Present 1988, Dean of Research, research, methodology, Mphil/Ph.D Programme, Hyderabad Campus, Women’s studies, gender, sexuality, migration, urban campuses
  Dr. Vijay Raghavan Student / Faculty 1988-90
Class of 1988-90, Criminology and Corrective Administration, Prayas, juvenile justice, Sheela Barse, Dr. Desai, fieldwork, Koshish, criminal justice system, Nirmala Niketan, Child guidance clinic, Muskaan, campus life, rights based approach
  Prof. Amita Bhide Student / Faculty 1988-90
Class of 1988-90, Urban and Rural Community Development, disaster relief (Latur, Jambulpada, Orissa), adult literacy, M Ward, urban development, slum eviction
  Dr. Gokul Mandayam Student 1990-92 Class of 1990-92, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, dining hall, library, pranks, Prof. Surinder Jaswal, social work education
  Dr. Gidraph Wairire Student 1990-92 Class of 1990-92, Urban and Rural Community Development, student life, hostel life, dining hall, field work
  Dr. Sudhakar Sannakki Student 1993-95 Class of 1993-95, Health and Hospital Administration, Prof. Yesudian, first batch, Prof Rajashree Mahtani, public health, CGHS
  Mr. Benson Isaac Student 1996-98 Class of 1996-98, life on campus, hostel, Urban and Rural Community Development, field work, Meljol, diversity, education landscape
  Ms. Divya Raghunandan Student 1997-99 Class of 1997-99, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, campus life, diversity, field work, gender issues, Meljol, 11 pm rule
  Ms. Brinelle D'Souza Faculty 1999-Present CARAT, Saksham, HIV/AIDS, NACO, SACS, policy, research, counselling, rights-based approach, public-public partnership model
  Mr. Vimlendu Jha Student 2001-03 Class of 2001-03, We for Yamuna campaign, urban and rural community development, Swecha, responsibility for the environment, school based program modules, active citizenship for social change.
  Mr. Mohammad Tarique Student 2004-06 Class of 2004-06, Criminology and Correctional Administration, Koshish, field work, history, Beggary Act, resistance from the authorities, Beggars’ home, mental illness, employers' collective, Maharashtra government, a way forward
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